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Download The Easiest Remixing Program

If you are seeking information on how to remix a song or making a “mash-up”, the first place you need to start is with the digital sequencing software that you use.

With the right program, remixing music can be an easy task even if you don’t have any previous experience. Especially if you use Dubturbo.

Ways To Remix In Dubturbo

Once you download the program you can get started immediately:

  • To make a true, quality remix, it cannot be done with a mastered version of any particular song. No mastered track can be dissected to separate vocals and music. It simply can’t be done.
  • If you are looking to remix instrumentals, then that is fine, but if you want the vocals from any particular song, you will need the “acapella” version, which is a track with vocals only.

For a radio-friendly example, lets say we want to remix Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love vocals” with that sick beat from 50 Cent’s “In Da Club”.

1. Search the internet for “Beyonce Crazy In Love Acapella” and do the same for the 50 Cent track. These kind of files can be downloaded from many sources for free. (In fact, if you searched for “free instrumentals” or similar, you can get heaps of tracks to remix)

2. Follow Dubturbo Tutorial Video Number 3: “how to import your own samples” which will guide you through how to import sounds, tracks, and samples. Apply this procedure to your individual vocal and instrument tracks.

3. On a new track, import the acapella version and on another track, import the beat you want to use.

4. Set your (volume) levels and add any additional samples or modifications.

5. Click the export button to make a .wav or .mp3 version of your newly remixed song.

6. Your remix is ready to go. Spin in at the clubs or pump it at parties!

Remember you don’t necessarily have to use the vocals and beats from other songs. It is awesome when you make you own original beats and just mix in the vocals or samples from other songs. This can all be done in Dubturbo.


Program Overviews:

Now we are going to explore a brief overview of the the two best remix programs available. So the sake of this exercise, we are going to focus on the cheaper applications, as the most people don’t have $500 + to spend on “professional” programs.


Current price: $29.95

This program is the most user-friendly applications that is capable of making great remixes in various genres. Previously priced at over $200.00 – making it great value.

Super high quality instruments and samples that can be triggered by your keyboard as it acts as a drum machine, makes this software one of the most popular on the market.

Get it as an instant download, add on additional sounds and export the finished tracks to high quality wave files in a single click.

Both Mac and PC versions available.

Cyber Sequencer

Current Price: $29.95

This is the alternative to Dubturbo and has very similar functionality. It too was once valued much higher at $189.95 though due to the competition from Dubturbo, it has permanently been dropped.

Get complete, original pre-made beats that can be purchased as additional add-ons for you to use in your own remixes, royalty-free.

Definitely worth checking out.

Further Learning:

When looking at selecting a remix program, the primary concerns should be:

Your Level of Previous Experience:

The above programs are generally for beginners to intermediates, however the main thing that you need to be 100% honest with is how much knowledge of music engineering and mixing that you hold. If you do not have any experience or very little, then perhaps start with the easiest to use software.

Many people get so carried away with the concept of being a superstar DJ, that they go out and spend huge amounts of money on one of the professional applications, though soon realize that they are so difficult to use and they simply give up.


Most good programs to not require any external hardware these days. So forget turntable, mixers and midi controllers; the software and your computer is all you need.


Any half-decent program is going to cost you something, maybe around $30 bucks. Pay any less that this amount and you will get nothing but junk – wasting your valuable time and effort. Sorry to say it, but it is the complete truth.


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Mix With USB Turntables From Numark

High performance turntable is essential for all DJs, especially if you want to mix like a professional in live sets.

Time and again companies are inventing and using new technology to sell their turntable. Because of intense competition one can find wide range of turntables in the market.

Getting a perfect turntable is not easy and I was looking to buy one for myself because I was planning to open a club in my locality where people could enjoy themselves. I decided to check reviews of various turntables on the web before buying one.

I came across many turntables but the one which captured my imagination was TTXUSB from Numark. Numark actually had many other turntables but TTXUSB had incredible features.

This turntable has direct drive motor with very high torque which can be adjusted by a user. Its tonearm system is patented and it can be interchanged. The tonearm is of aluminum and it has 2 arms which are S-shaped and straight.

Unwanted noise and vibration is eliminated in this amazing turntable due to its rubber base and solid core steel top construction. For battle and club style it has interchangeable button cartridges and pitch fader.

In this turntable excess rotating friction is reduced due to anti-dragging aluminum platter. It has strobe with bright white LED and it also has removable aluminum target light. To quickly convert vinyl collection into iTunes this turntable provides EZ converter software.

It has illuminated output bay as well as detachable audio and power connections. In this turntable the motor settings, pitch, BPM and RPM can be checked on its illuminated display which is blue in color.

One can precisely adjust its height, anti-skate and cue. It also has adjustable and reverse start and brake times. One can also select pitch range. For fast conversion of vinyl into digital media this turntable provides USB connection.

In this turntable auto BPM counter is onboard. Without using ground wire it provides selective line or phono level output. With this turntable you get forty-five adapter and headshell.

In this type of turntable the motor is 3 phase with 16 pole direct drive. The maximum start time of this motor is 33.33 rpm which takes 0.2 seconds. The motor braking system has Nine-step electronic Servo brake.

The platter of this turntable has damp aluminum die-cast low friction design and it produces three different speeds of 33.33, 45 and 78 rpm. Its rumble effect is -58db and -79db. In this turntable, wow and flutter is digitally controlled by internal quartz clock.

Sick Features:

  • Tonearm in this turntable is made up of die-cast aluminum with three bearings and its maximum height is 6 mm.
  • In tonearm section the cue system has arm clip, arm rest and damp lift lever.
  • Dimension of this turntable is 135mm in height, 370mm in width and 460mm in diameter.
  • It consumes 55W power and it is 12.6 kg in weight.
  • It can be used with Windows and MAC OS and it has USB 1.1 port.
  • It has audio recording program which allows you to easily capture audio from vinyl.

After reading many positive reviews on the web, I immediately placed an order for TTXUSB turntable through website of Numark. I am using it daily and believe me it is the best turntable I have seen. If you are looking to buy a turntable don’t hesitate to buy a TTXUSB turntable because it rocks.

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